2006 Yamaha Attak


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  • Genesis™ 150FI - The all-new Genesis™ 150FI engine is an all-new design intended to increase power and reduce weight. It cranks out about eight additional horsepower, to hit 150hp class performance. The unique fuel injection system also delivers quicker, crisper throttle response and as a bonus it runs significantly cleaner than any snowmobile engine on the market today. It also weighs 7 pounds less than the Genesis™ Extreme!
  • Deltabox™ II with rider-forward ergos - The primary design objective of the Deltabox™ II chassis was to create a rider-forward posture. The new ergonomic treatment is achieved by moving the handlebars forward by 6 inches and raising them by 4 inches. The seat is also roughly 2.5 inches taller and the seated position is 6 inches forward of the 2005 RX-1 seat. With this positioning, the rider can go from sitting to standing and back again easily and comfortably. It also further centralizes the combined mass of sled and driver, thanks to the new CF die cast steering gate.
  • Fuel injection system - More than just a bolt-on part of the Genesis™ 150FI, the fuel injection system required a full engine redesign. The low-pressure system uses an injector and butterfly valve throttle body to aid in delivering outrageously-crisp throttle response, 150 horsepower production and class-leading fuel economy.
  • New exhaust - The exhaust pipes coming out of the Genesis™ 150FI engine are configured in a 4-1-2 design. The new exhaust, featuring titanium head pipes, adds to the engine's higher output and also reduces weight.
  • 2.2 pound lighter forged crankshaft - The new forged crankshaft in the Genesis™ 150FI is 2.2 pounds lighter than the original in the Genesis™ Extreme. This is a large contributing factor in the Attak's razor-sharp throttle response.
  • Radiator - In order to generate consistently-strong engine performance in any condition, all Genesis™ 150FI sleds feature a small radiator and electric fan assembly on the right hand side of the engine cab.
  • New highly-adjustable clutch weight - The new clutch weight developed for the Genesis™ 150FI engine is highly adjustable and heavier to accommodate the higher power output of the new engine.
  • Second generation front geometry - The new second generation geometry on the front end of the Attak uses shorter spindles and revised A-arms and shock mount locations to enhance the sled's stability in tight cornering and high-speed sweeper curves. The second generation geometry maintains the same 9 inches of vertical travel, but widens the ski stance from 42.1 to 42.7 inches. In addition, the new configuration maintains spindle castor at 23 degrees throughout the travel stroke. This gives the sled consistent and predictable steering regardless of the suspension's activity.
  • Aluminum HPG front shocks - The High Pressure Gas (HPG) shocks on the Attak's second generation front suspension geometry deliver consistent performance with excellent fade resistance. They are rebuildable and rechargeable for years of quality service.
  • Integrated airbox/ small hood - The design on the Attak is very efficient, often integrating many functions into one component. One such example is the use of the airbox as a part of the hood design. The upper element, closest to the headlight, is comprised of the silencer cover for the airbox. This design feature allows for a significantly smaller hood piece, which reduces weight.
  • Magnesium chaincase - The Attak features a lightweight magnesium chaincase. The exotic material cuts a pound from the previously-used aluminum chaincase on 2005 RX-1 models.
  • Lightweight hydraulic brake system - The lightweight 4-piston brake system delivers solid stopping power without fading, even in high-use applications. It also incorporates a new, lightweight, double-finned, self-cooling brake disc.
  • Mono Shock™ RA rear suspension - The Mono Shock™ RA cuts an amazing 12 pounds off of the ProAction™ 136 suspension formerly used on the RX Warrior. Like the 121-inch version, the 136 offers riders a full 20 clicks of compression adjustment on the 46mm aluminum HPG shock. The dial is located on the left of the tunnel, near the rider's leg for easy access from the seat. The Mono Shock™ RA delivers 11.7 inches of vertical travel.
  • Tall deep foam trail seat - The seat on the Attak is taller than previous RX models. In addition, the tall seat includes a new storage trunk in the rear, with expanded capacity and accessibility.
  • Wide, hooked handlebars - To match the tall and forward position, a new handlebar is standard fare on the Attak. The new design incorporates aftermarket-style, keyed slot hooks on both sides to eliminate unwanted hook rotation. The hooks have the same grip material as the main bar section, for consistent control, regardless of hand position.
  • Removable side panels - In order to allow easy access to the engine and drivetrain components on the Attak, the side panels of the bellypan are removable. The chassis' compact design only allows access to the airbox and storage compartment from the hood area. As a result, the side panels are mounted with Dzus-style, quick-connect fasteners to give consumers and mechanics fast and broad access to the engine, clutches and brake systems.
  • Digital gauge with more data features - The Attak features a new digital gauge cluster that displays even more data. New readouts include dual trip meters and a clock! In addition to the new functions, the gauge has been totally restyled to match the aggressive lines of the Apex body work.



Engine Type
4 Stroke
998 cc
Bore x Stroke
74.0 X 58.0 mm
Engine Cooling
39 mm Mikuni, Fuel injection
Digital D.C. C.D.I. w/Throttle Position Sensor
Rear Exhaust


Brake Type
4 Piston Hydraulic w/Lightweight Rotor
Drive Clutch
Driven Clutch
Variable Ratio


Front Suspension
Independent, Double Wishbone
Front Travel
9 in.
Rear Suspension
Mono Shock™ RA
Rear Travel
11.6 in.
Ski Type
Lightweight Plastic, Saddleless Design
Ski Stance
42.7 in.
Track Type
Camoplast Rip Saw™
Track Dimensions
15" X 121" X 1.25"


Standard: (LCD, Digital)
Standard: Backlit (Stepping Motor Drive)
Standard: (Large LCD Display)
Standard: 60/55W / Halogen x 2
Fuel Capacity
10 gal.
Dry Weight
539 lbs/ 548 lbs (reverse model)
Standard: Low
Team Yamaha Blue/White w/Strobe; Candy Red w/Tribal Graphics
1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty)


Electric Start
Hand & Thumb Warmers
Standard: 10 Position Adjustable, Separate

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